MDF project - Guitar's effects

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is a fully analog multi-effect with the ability to program up to 32 presets that can be recalled with a single click.
It has a SEND / RETURN connection so that it can also be used with the "4 CABLES" method.
It has a MIDI-OUT output to be able to drive any external effects.
In addition to the standard output we have a simulated one to be able to connect to a mixer or an audio interface. The simulation is both of an amplifier, manually equalizable, and of a speaker.
The connections are completed by an AUX IN input to connect any sound source and a HEADPHONE output.

BOOST             clean booster with 12 dB gain
OVERDRIVE     transparent and extremely dynamic, from clean to a light crunch
DISTORTION    creamy and aggressive, from light crunch to powerful distortion for lead sounds
MUFF                classic muff, inspired by Ram's Head
EQ 3 BANDS     +/- 12 dB of gain per band, very effective for modeling the sound with infinite nuances
CHORUS           hot chorus equipped with MN3007 chip
PHASER            based on 4 phase shifting units
DELAY               with 2 BBD chips for a delay of up to 600ms, with footswitch for TAP TEMPO
REVERB            only digital effect but connected in parallel as the last one, so the signal is not digitized

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