My Drive - MDF project - Guitar's effects

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Most pedals drives on the market are built around a basic circuit.
The differences between them are substantially in the choice of the values
of some components, and in some circuit solution which mainly affects the
signal equalization.
My Drive is a pedal, all-analog, which can be configured by using
a smartphone or tablet via bluetooth.
In this way we can physically change the value of some components and to
modify the operation of certain parts of the circuit. We can then create countless circuit solutions that cover a wide range of sounds.
Everyone then has the ability to "create" their own pedal drive to suit your taste and have a unique sound.
We can save our sounds in 8 presets, each of which we have
additional 4 storable controls through the small buttons
and shown on the display: Volume, Gain, active Bass and Treble .
In any preset we can activate Truebypass function relay simply adjusting
to zero the "Volume" control.
The sound is completely analog, there is no AD / DA conversion.
Here you can download the manual and the App MY DRIVE with all instructions for operation
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